Private Label Chemicals for Lab Supply

Do you currently supply chemicals to laboratories?  Would you like to have your own custom brand of private label chemicals?

If yes is the answer, then Columbus Chemical Industries (CCI) can assist!

Its No Secret, We Private Label Chemicals

CCI has been packaging and private labeling chemicals for almost 40 years. We have the product design and regulatory knowledge to help develop your own private brand line of laboratory chemicals. With full time experienced regulatory staff on site at our Columbus, WI facility, CCI is able to provide support to ensure your labels meet all current GHS, OSHA and DOT 49-CFR requirements. CCI stays up to date on the constantly evolving regulatory demands of the chemical supply industry, providing on-going support through the sometimes difficult transitions, while also meeting transition deadlines.

Our label design software allows flexibility to meet all regulatory requirements, while also promoting the look of your brand. CCI can use your logo to create a new custom label for your chemical needs, as well as replicate your existing labels. Labels can be printed in full color and sized for use on various size bottles, carboys, drums and totes. Our software also allows us to incorporate barcode content, compatible with your scanning needs for inventory processing, or for use with smartphone technology.  Labels can also be printed in multiple languages to satisfy the demands of supplying into foreign markets, and meet various regulation requirements around the world.

Down to the Last Detail

CCI develops safety data sheets (SDS), spec sheets, and Certificates of Analysis for the chemicals we bring to market, and can offer private label options on these support documents as well, to match your private branded chemical labels. Even our shipping software, tailored for the chemical industry, allows us options to customize the look and content of shipping related documents, such as packing lists and bills of lading, to support promoting your private brand start-to-finish.

Let us know how CCI can assist you in making your own private label chemical brand a success in the lab supply market.